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Personal Articles Floater (PAF)

Valuable Articles Coverage

Personal Articles Floaters or PAF's are a specific type of insurance made for protecting your valuable items. Most people assume these items are already covered under your homeowner’s policy, and to an extent, that is correct. But most policies only cover up to a certain limits listed on the policy. To ensure you get the full value for these items at the time of loss, we write PAF policies. There are two options of how we may insure your items. The first is scheduled, where each item is listed individually with a cost. The second is blanket, where there is just a general value assigned to multiple items. The great thing about these types of policies, is that your items are covered on a more broad form which includes loss or mysterious disappearance.

Valuable items that may have specific limits on your home or renters policies include:

Jewelry, Guns, Fine Art, Stamp and Coin Collections, Cell Phones, Musical Instruments, Furs, Cameras, Computers, Silverware and many others.

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