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It's the LEASE we can do!

Sorry, but I sure love puns, so I hope you all do too. Today's post is about renter's insurance. You may be thinking, "Why should I even care about it? It's not even that important." Or maybe even "I've never had it before." I'll tell you why! Like most of you, before I got into the field of insurance, I was a skeptic. I just didn't understand how valuable it actually is.

You may think that whoever owns the building you’re renting has insurance to cover anything that may happen while you’re living there, but that isn’t true. They have coverage for the building only. Your property is excluded entirely, and you still may be held liable for any damages. That can be very costly. When you purchase renter’s insurance, you are protecting yourself from that liability and also your belongings in the case of natural disasters, fire, and even theft. Perhaps even more important, though, is a coverage called Loss of Use. In a scenario where the residence burns down, where are you going to live while the dwelling is reconstructed? This coverage helps you to get into a new place of similar price and quality, along with replacing your personal belongings. Moving is costly, and most renter’s insurance costs only $150-200 per year!

If this is something you're interested in learning more about, please contact me!

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